Caribbean Colors
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Artist: Barry Launius
.............."Serenity by Sight"
Tropical Theme Watercolor , Acrylic , Wall & Tile Murals
   After years of traveling the Caribbean, Mexico and Belize I have created this "Serenity by Sight" collection. Enjoy!
   A collaboration of memory, imagination and colors of the Caribbean that you may recognize or merely dream about.
Works sold in many locations throughout the Caribbean and collected by others worldwide.
"Serenity by Sight"
Recent News
   As of Jan.1st 2011 I now live and paint in beautiful Playa del Carmen, Mexico.
A friend and I left St. Louis, MO on New Years Day on a drive through Mexico headed to the Riviera Maya. The trip was one of indescribeable beauty & culture.
One particular area and sites we visited can be seen via this link.
   To my pilot and tour guide, Jimmy ~ I owe you tons! Muchas Gracias, Mi Amigo!